Monthly Archives: January 2016

Improve Your Image While Keeping More Money

How often does a client ask to borrow money?  Maybe they ask to pay over time, or for terms, or want to pay a small deposit with the balance in 30 days, or bug you in any way to deliver your goods and services before they pay in full. A Credit Screen Last week I wrote about how you pay interest… Read more »

How to Keep Credit from Killing You

3 Hidden Costs Destroying You

In the last article we wrapped up our series on developing and using performance measures (aka metrics) to create a world-class sales force.  Properly applied, metrics enable you to show future top performers and nurture and improve your top talent. Even a novice manager can get superb results by measuring results and tweaking processes. Today we turn our attention to cash… Read more »

Exclusivity for Better Seminar Turnout

Have you ever arrived ready to give a talk only to show up to a handful of attendees?  You rehearsed your speech until it was bulletproof, you’re ready for a packed house, and the big day arrived only to have a few attendees arrive. Seasoned presenters routinely triple the number of people they invite to an event.  And then they pray… Read more »

How to Supercharge Your Team

Earlier this month we created a series of metrics and used them to test sales performance. Last week we discussed how metrics define one’s productivity.  We also showed how we can view a task more clearly by breaking it up into sub-tasks.  Each of these sub-tasks is a link representing a particular skill in the sales skill chain. It’s clear… Read more »