Daily Archives: February 6, 2016

7 Reasons the Apple Watch Will Launch Earnings

Apple Inc. $126.56 Change: +0.96 – +0.76% 4/10/2015 2:12am EST I occasionally depart from the business advisory of this website to share my analysis of various companies I think are doing something interesting.  With Apple, I believe critical factors about the company have escaped Wall Street’s attention.  Of one thing I am certain: the Apple Watch will dramatically impact Apple’s bottom line… Read more »

The Only Way to Haggle Successfully

In earlier posts I shared why you’re leaving money on the table by refusing to raise prices and how to raise them without incurring dissent.  In future posts I discuss how and when to raise prices to gain maximum profit while improving your brand and keeping your clients happy. But let’s explore another way many proprietors leave money on the table:… Read more »