About this Blog

Greetings.  Thanks for visiting.  Here at this site I write about ways for you to:

✔ Cultivate new customers
✔ Make more money from clients
✔ Resolve customer service issues
✔ Grow both income and profit

These ideas are road-tested from my time at Sterling Group, a consulting practice I co-founded that taught CEO’s of small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations to ignite profitability.

Why Read this Site?

I have enjoyed two exotic influences in my life.  In my early youth, I started training in traditional martial arts.  The dojo taught me how to overcome a stronger opponent with superior technique and skill.

In my early career, I served in the Army where I worked in intelligence and psychological warfare.  The military taught me how to overcome the most fearsome enemy with originality and planning.

Following military service, I was an employee, CEO, consultant, and money manager.

  • As an employee, I earned a reputation for solving corporate problems.
  • As a consultant, I developed strategies for business leadership to surmount challenging issues.
  • As a CEO, I tweaked and tested my wild-ass theories within my organization.

While advising other CEOs, I had a birds-eye view into the function and dysfunctions of many companies.  I gained an intimate understanding of what distinguishes a successful firm from an inferior one.  This experience furnished me an analytic toolkit I use as an equity partner and investor.

I’ve run some companies well and others into the ground.  These brief articles are the fruits of my experience.  The tips I share born from my failures are at least as valuable as those from my successes.  I hope that my often taking the uncertain path will allow you as my reader to sidestep the obstacles.

My Early Background

I became infatuated with technology when I was seven.  My father sat me down in his office and allowed me to play blackjack against the company’s supercomputer.  From then on, I was certain I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: a computer.  Failing that, I became a programmer.

I absorbed everything about tech that I could.  In those days, the only books available for a budding enthusiast were post-graduate texts on engineering disciplines.  Luckily, a beloved teacher scrounged one up for me.  I loved it even though the material was over my head.

During junior high, I spent every evening coding assembly language into my home-built Z-80 microprocessor using a hex keypad.  During my high school years, I took summers of college classes.  There I met a group of like-minded delinquents and we spent the nights breaking into the university offices to hack the mainframe and feed our digital obsessions.  We did many things that would get us locked up today but in the early 80’s the authorities considered hacking more of a prank than a felony.

My Current Project

I am currently finishing up “AutoPilot Investing,” publishing in Fall 2015.  In it I show a simple way for anyone to become a successful investor.

I’m fortunate to be a sweat equity angel investor for a few select ventures.  Additionally, I occasionally teach or make public speaking appearances for business and financial topics. I’m available for project consulting.

Email me at emif you want to chat.  I tweet under the handle @myBizDoc and you’ll find audio tips on my YouTube channel at Biz Doc.  I welcome Facebook ,  Twitter, and other social followers.  To review my full corporate history, please click the link to the right.
Professional bio

A consultant, investor, and guest lecturer of traditional martial arts, I live in California.