A Better Way to Calm an Irate Customer

In a previous article I discussed four steps to placate an angry customer and suggested you can satisfy them by offering something of value as a concession – a discounted upsell, for instance.  But there’s a far more direct and often overlooked way to ferret out exactly what will placate an aggrieved party: Ask them!

Asking “How can I make it right?” tells you precisely how to satisfy them while showing your commitment to service.  You’ll discover most clients ask for far less of a concession than you would offer.  And if not, you have a starting point from which to negotiate a mutually amenable compromise.

Asking “how can I make it right?” shares the responsibility of resolving the issue with your client while showing your aim is to find a solution, not fault.  This verbal judo puts you both on the same side of the table instead of across from each other.

You can apply this technique to resolve any conflict, not just those in the business realm.  Envision you and the other party against the problem instead of you against him.

Try it.  You can also flip this technique to prompt empathy when you feel you’ve been wronged. Until then,

profitable business All!

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