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The Hidden Risks of Accepting Paypal

Has this happened to you? One day you were shocked to discover your Paypal account frozen.  You found money removed from your account without authorization.  You received no warning; you discovered it accidentally. You assumed it was a glitch so you called the company expecting a quick resolution.  Unable to talk with anyone to resolve the situation you were forced… Read more »

Add More Profit to Every Sale

Has a client ever asked you for a discount without a reason? What a pickle. Do you: 1) give in and feel taken advantage of; or 2) refuse and risk losing the client? The other day I was at the service station D & S Auto where I took my car in for a $40 oil change. I asked Denny, the owner for a… Read more »

How Cost-cutting Destroys Profit and How to Do It Better

Why is Downsizing So Popular? It seems every day we hear about another corporation laying off employees.  Great firms thrive by selling more and introducing new products.  So why do so many companies embrace downsizing? Out of sales revenue, a company must pay to create the product, cover its expenses, and pay taxes.  So a dollar of sales will yield less… Read more »

Combat High Credit Card Fees

Recently I discussed how bad debt is a massive cash drain and why you should avoid granting credit whenever possible.  And I shared a way to do this while upholding the professionalism of your business.  Today I’d like to explore another expensive cost and a way to use it to your advantage. Does your business accept credit cards?   Increasingly, consumers… Read more »

Improve Your Image While Keeping More Money

How often does a client ask to borrow money?  Maybe they ask to pay over time, or for terms, or want to pay a small deposit with the balance in 30 days, or bug you in any way to deliver your goods and services before they pay in full. A Credit Screen Last week I wrote about how you pay interest… Read more »