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Add More Profit to Every Sale

Has a client ever asked you for a discount without a reason? What a pickle. Do you: 1) give in and feel taken advantage of; or 2) refuse and risk losing the client? The other day I was at the service station D & S Auto where I took my car in for a $40 oil change. I asked Denny, the owner for a… Read more »

A Better Way to Calm an Irate Customer

In a previous article I discussed four steps to placate an angry customer and suggested you can satisfy them by offering something of value as a concession – a discounted upsell, for instance.  But there’s a far more direct and often overlooked way to ferret out exactly what will placate an aggrieved party

4 Steps to Calm an Irate Customer

Do you remember the last time you became fed up with a store or hospitality clerk?  If they blamed you or disrespected you, it inflamed the situation. If he or his establishment made decisions without informing you or allowing you to intervene, that may have frustrated you even more. What would have calmed you down? If you felt that the clerk… Read more »

Add More Profit to Your Sales

The Only Way to Haggle Successfully

In earlier posts I shared why you’re leaving money on the table by refusing to raise prices and how to raise them without incurring dissent.  In future posts I discuss how and when to raise prices to gain maximum profit while improving your brand and keeping your clients happy. But let’s explore another way many proprietors leave money on the table:… Read more »