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Target Your Ad to Attract Your Ideal Client

Simple Marketing, pt V of VI Developing a Media Ad Budget In our last article in this series we calculated how much profit your ideal client brought into the business.  Multiplying this figure by the number of clients you expect each advertising medium to pull is your budget for a given ad campaign. Once you’ve done this for each medium, you can calculate your cost-effectiveness for… Read more »

Do You Know How Valuable Your Customers Are?

Reasons Your Customer Buys From You

What Is My Customer Buying? From an earlier post you now know what your ideal customer looks like and where to find more of them.  The next question is why do they buy from you.  So you have to decide what benefit your customers pay for. Do this simple thought experiment to uncover the true benefit your client realizes by buying from you.

Reboot Your Enthusiasm at Work with Easier More Profitable Clients

Where Do I Find More Clients? In the last post we discussed a cost-effective way to find your ideal customer.  We answered the question Who? Large concerns spend huge sums of money and take years to conduct this area of marketing, and you’ve accomplished a scaled down version for free in a few minutes. Now let’s turn our attention to… Read more »

Create Ads to Get More Customers

Last week we discussed why sales staff should not handle collections. I also touched on an inexpensive method to end typos in expensive printed handouts and advertisements. I’d like to discuss another area of marketing – advertising – and how you can get the greatest return on your investment. Create your own “Golden Oldies” When you watch TV, which commercials in… Read more »