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Create Ads to Get More Customers

Last week we discussed why sales staff should not handle collections. I also touched on an inexpensive method to end typos in expensive printed handouts and advertisements. I’d like to discuss another area of marketing – advertising – and how you can get the greatest return on your investment. Create your own “Golden Oldies” When you watch TV, which commercials in… Read more »

The Most Incredible Marketing Letter to Supercharge Sales

In the last column I shared with you an Ingenious Sales Technique to reach extremely difficult contacts, those elusive captains of industry, senior executives of giant corporations.  This column I want to describe a way to take your sales letter and make it the most powerful tool you can by adding a couple of things to it. And I’ll reveal a clever… Read more »

Politically Connect and Intrigue Impossible-to-reach Prospects

Last week we explored how to get past the receptionist to reach your prospect. But how do you reach decision makers who are almost impossible to get a hold of? You know who I’m talking about: these are the captains of industry whose office is a fortress, their schedule a closely guarded secret by their minions, and they’re almost always… Read more »

Create a Kickass Ad

BizDoc   January 1, 2016   No Comments on Create a Kickass Ad

Earlier this week we explored how to formalize training within your organization to empower key employees. Doing so helps them become strong leaders inducing them to stay with your company.  After you add last week’s technique, you may find that your attrition decreases significantly. In this article I’ll show you a painless way to test your ad. You’ll improve your results and ultimately develop an… Read more »