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How You Can Combat High Employee Turnover

There are fewer true indicators of poor leadership than high turnover.  Many hires quit due to management indifference or arrogance.  If you’re a new manager, do your best to stay approachable and remove your ego from your decisions. But sometimes your hires simply won’t work out.  A new worker may clash with coworkers or show incompatibility in style or values.  Some may just not fit in with the rest of your staff.  Or… Read more »

Crush Sales Plans by Measuring These Key Ratios

In the last column you evaluated your company’s sales process.  You reviewed each activity performed by your sales reps and saw how the process is an interlinking chain of activities.  Then you labeled each step.  Then you calculated each ratio correlating to the particular skill level for each activity.  You saw how evaluating the chain as a series of interconnected links allows you to zero in and improve the skill… Read more »

Effortlessly Communicate Disagreeable Policy

If you’re in management it’s likely you’ve encountered an entry-level employee who just didn’t get it.  Maybe they were young or inexperienced, or maybe just a poor fit. For whatever reason, you had to tell this worker repeatedly, for instance, that they mustn’t take time off work without notice.  Managers often have to relay or set undesirable policies.  Such as refusing an employee’s request for time off. Inexperienced workers often don’t realize what… Read more »

How to Delegate When You’re the Boss

Last week we discussed how to encourage a customer to fire himself by gradually decreasing your value to them.Let me ask: have you been promoted lately? If so, most likely your workload has increased. Employers often ask their workers to take on more responsibility, especially during a recession where funds for extra labor is scarce. So how do you handle the… Read more »

Identify and Train SuperStar Salespeople

Determining which of your salespeople are top performers is simple, right?  Add up their sales and the highest consistent earners are your stars. But how do you gauge your new rep’s productivity?  How do you account for the inevitable ramp up with hires who are still learning the ropes?  At best they’re marginally productive during their probationary period.   How long do… Read more »