How You Can Combat High Employee Turnover

There are fewer true indicators of poor leadership than high turnover.  Many hires quit due to management indifference or arrogance.  If you’re a new manager, do your best to stay approachable and remove your ego from your decisions.

But sometimes your hires simply won’t work out.  A new worker may clash with coworkers or show incompatibility in style or values.  Some may just not fit in with the rest of your staff.  Or fail to develop the required skill set rapidly enough.

You want to counsel out any employee who is a poor cultural fit.  Exit even the geniuses if they don’t mesh well.

One succinct tenets of Netflix’s HR department perfectly sums up their culture: No brilliant jerks!  But how do you handle an acculturated employee who ramps up slowly? Do you show them the door or continue to try to train them?

Cherish Your Acculturated Employees

Do everything you can to keep your employees who are a cultural fit. Try to keep even those who can’t now do their job.  You want competent, nee expert, people in each job.  So how can you handle under-performers and still meet your goals?

Consider moving people around.  Maybe a weak member can do most of his duties but is deficient in specific areas.  If so, consider changing his job description and hand off the weak areas to others.  Return something else to him to compensate.

Good managers overlap their people’s’ skills.  They make sure several people can handle mission critical tasks.  Modify responsibilities so you have the best person performing each job.

As long as you meet your department goals, does it matter who does each task?  Moving people around to best suit their needs and the needs of the company develops stronger, happier staff.

As a bonus, you’ll be giving your staff the ability to stretch their comfort zone within the company and customize their job to fit their skill sets.  Gain a reputation for investing in your workers’ development.  You may find your people taking initiative outside their own areas.

In the next article, I discuss how to use Key Performance Indicators to train your people.  Some folks call these KPI’s; here we call them METRICS.)  And I’ll delve into a sales technique I call Follow the Leader.”  It’s a terrific way to pack convention halls and make sure your seminars and presentations are standing room only.  Later I’ll talk about how to rid yourself of fearing merchant credit card fees.

In the meantime, please keep those comments and questions coming below.  I appreciate your readership.  Until then,

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