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4 Steps to Calm an Irate Customer

Do you remember the last time you became fed up with a store or hospitality clerk?  If they blamed you or disrespected you, it inflamed the situation. If he or his establishment made decisions without informing you or allowing you to intervene, that may have frustrated you even more. What would have calmed you down? If you felt that the clerk… Read more »

How Cost-cutting Destroys Profit and How to Do It Better

Why is Downsizing So Popular? It seems every day we hear about another corporation laying off employees.  Great firms thrive by selling more and introducing new products.  So why do so many companies embrace downsizing? Out of sales revenue, a company must pay to create the product, cover its expenses, and pay taxes.  So a dollar of sales will yield less… Read more »

3 Hidden Costs Destroying You

In the last article we wrapped up our series on developing and using performance measures (aka metrics) to create a world-class sales force.  Properly applied, metrics enable you to show future top performers and nurture and improve your top talent. Even a novice manager can get superb results by measuring results and tweaking processes. Today we turn our attention to cash… Read more »

How to Keep Key Employees

Building a Turn-key Organization part 4 This is the last of a four-part series of articles on developing a self-running company.  In the last post I shared strategy to develop the leadership skills of your mid-managers.  By involving them in strategic planning, you prepare your company to run in your absence even during a crisis. Turn Line Workers into Managers Okay, so you’re regularly… Read more »

Create a Kickass Ad

BizDoc   January 1, 2016   No Comments on Create a Kickass Ad

Earlier this week we explored how to formalize training within your organization to empower key employees. Doing so helps them become strong leaders inducing them to stay with your company.  After you add last week’s technique, you may find that your attrition decreases significantly. In this article I’ll show you a painless way to test your ad. You’ll improve your results and ultimately develop an… Read more »