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High-Performance Compensation to Create Superstar Salespeople

In the last columns I shared a technique to reach extremely difficult contacts, to breeze past the gatekeeper straight to the decision maker, and to coax the receptionist or administrative person to help you. Now I want to turn your attention in a different direction: sales management, the bane of many business leaders. This is the first of a series of… Read more »

How to Keep Key Employees

Building a Turn-key Organization part 4 This is the last of a four-part series of articles on developing a self-running company.  In the last post I shared strategy to develop the leadership skills of your mid-managers.  By involving them in strategic planning, you prepare your company to run in your absence even during a crisis. Turn Line Workers into Managers Okay, so you’re regularly… Read more »

Use Your Company to Create a Learning Organization

Building a Turn-key Organization part 3 Act Strategically by Training Tactically In the last post in this series of building a self-running organization, I shared a way to delegate when you feel you need to do everything yourself.   Teaching your people this skill increases their effectiveness tremendously. Great leaders train their employees to replace them.  In this article we’ll continue developing our self-running organization: a business or… Read more »